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Call for submission of oral communications and poster presentations

The Scientific Committee invites you to send abstracts to participate in the 76th Congress of the International Homeopathic Medical League.

Important dates

Start of abstracts reception

November 4, 2022

Abstract submission deadline

July 3, 2023

Notification to authors

September 19, 2023

Requirements for submitting abstracts

  • Abstracts will be accepted in English and Spanish.
  • At least one of the authors of the work must be registered for the LMHI 2023 Congress, for the abstract to be presented either as a poster or as an oral presentation.
  • The presenting author of an accepted abstract must register for the LMHI 2023 Conference in order to present it.
  • The abstract can list a maximum of 10 authors, including the author who presents it at the Conference.
  • The author of the abstract must indicate on the submission platform who will be the presenter of the paper.
  • A person can present a maximum of 5 abstracts in the event.
  • It is not allowed to send abstracts about a paper that has already been published. If the data presented is additional to a published study, the data can be accepted.
  • The submission of a free paper implies the authorization by its author for said work to be published in the Book of Abstracts of the LMHI 2023 Congress.
  • The presenting author agrees that all co-authors know the content of said work before sending it to the Technical Secretariat.
  • Authors must disclose any conflict of interest on the abstract submission form. For this purpose, a section has been enabled on the platform for submitting abstracts.
  • The authors can request the presentation of their abstract orally or as a poster; however, the committee will decide the presentation format and will request it from the author.
  • The information on the abstracts acceptance will be made before September 19, 2023 via email.
  • The Scientific Committee reserves the right to reject an abstract for not adapting to the general regulations.
  • It is important that, knowing that their abstract will be published, the authors must pay special attention, in addition to their scientific quality, to their grammatical and spelling quality.

The abstract can only be sent through the online platform available on the official website of the Congress. Take into account the proper spelling, grammar and style for a scientific publication.

  • The abstract must have a maximum of 350 words including the title, authors and affiliations.
  • Title: Maximum of 30 words, must be written in CONTINUOUS CAPITAL LETTERS and, if abbreviations are included, they must be standard type abbreviations.
  • Authors: Each author will be required to provide their full Name and Surname and all the information required of each author in the abstract submission form (Position, institution, city, country, etc.).
  • Content: The abstract should include the following sections:
    • Introduction
    • Objectives
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusions
    • Keywords
  • Topic: The author must select one of the 9 topics of the LMHI 2023 Congress so that the Scientific Committee can assign it in accordance with those requested by the author; however, the Committee may consider the abstract to be more in line with a different topic than the one proposed.
  • The author must carefully read the abstract before sending it.
  • Once the abstract has been sent through the online platform, the author will receive a formal confirmation via email including a number of abstract and the text received.